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To choose the best consumer and services projects and those relating to technology that correspond to solid business models in order to facilitate their funding and the necessary conditions that allow them to establish themselves in the market with the collaboration of the best investors and mentors.


Engineers: interested in embarking on innovative projects.
Engineers as salaried employees: intrapreneur applicants from their current business, diversifying towards innovative products that favor the growth and expansion of their businesses.
Entrepreneurs and/or engineering-related businesses: looking for this route as a consolidating factor of their business areas through the injection of funding and/or knowledge via the “mentoring process”.
Other salaried entrepreneurs in the industrial engineering sector, with innovative projects relating to technology and looking for economic and technical support for launching their project.


Business Owners: Business owners wishing to invest capital. Their aim is to bring experience and business contacts. Their skills complement the entrepreneur with their experience.
Financiers – Funding Bodies: Financial Implication, without having to implicate themselves in management, and with a divestment timetable tailored to reaping the benefits.
Managers: looking for activity and a source of regular revenue. Normally committing to the project full-time, in addition to being a member of the entrepreneurship.
Consultants: The capital they provide is not fiduciary, it is know-how. Liberal professionals who charge for their services to the entrepreneur through business ventures (crucial in the initial stages), having their consultation as a direct influence on their own financial position.
Retirees: Irrespective of their age, with resources, and who want to remain active in the business world.
Young Investors: Instead of buying a business and running it independently, we are looking for investors that invest in somebody else’s good idea and work together in order to develop the business.