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Why the name “RI3”?

In Spanish, the acronym brings together the three cornerstones of the network: investors, engineers, and industry (inversores, ingenieros, and empresarios industriales). With these three groups permanently present as members, a hotbed of financially sound businesses is achieved with a very high rate of success.

Is there a minimum or maximum investment?

Yes, taking into account that the majority of industrial projects are of a certain standing, the original investment required has been valued at €20,000

What kind of businesses is RI3 for?

RI3 has room for all businesses and industrial groups or services that identify with industry, its associated services, and ultimately, technology

Are startup companies eligible?

Yes, in fact it aims to boost entrepreneurs in traditional sectors, diversifying their business by promoting new technological projects like those we can find in some startups

Can a single person launch a project?

Yes, although they will have to take into account that founding a business includes a lot of work for just one person and that, although it is not decisive, investors tend to support consolidated and multidisciplinary teams

What is the investment capacity of RI3?

We focus on projects in their initial phases, and the first round of investment by the mentors is between €20,000 and €120,000. Following this and the stage of acceleration, the plan is to organize an Investors’ Day in which the promoted businesses raise increased financing rounds

Is it necessary for the business to have already been founded in order to present at the RI3 meetings?

No, it is not necessary.

Are there any costs involved in being a entrepreneurial promoter that participates in RI3?

No, all the know-how resources and mentoring that the RI3 team and their mentors provide is free. However, the entrepreneur can come to any private business agreement with the promoter.

If a business or industrial promoter with a good idea does not need the money, why do we need RI3? What else does RI3 bring to the table?

Access to investment is only a small part of what RI3 brings to the table. The additional support provided by RI3 includes relations with the main members, providing professional contacts and sector knowledge, and years of personal experience.