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A business angel is a physical person, usually a business owner or manager, who brings their capital, as well as their technical knowledge and network of professional and personal contacts to entrepreneurs that want to put a business project into action or businesses that are at the beginning of their activity or that are launching a new project, with the objective of obtaining capital gains in the medium-term and hoping to choose a hugely successful business project.

The business angels operate individually or grouped in networks and the investment usually oscillates between 20.000 and 200.000 euros.

Business angels are interested in investment projects in sectors in which they are known, and often allocate their investments, as much as 25% of their liquid assets.

RI3 Offers
  1. A portfolio of “industrial” projects specifically geared towards the production of consumer products and services and/or relating to technology.
  2. Quarterly investment forums.
  3. Networking with other investors and investment projects.
  4. Training workshops specifically for new investors.
  5. Direct access to complementary funding sources through collaborative agreements with different administrations.
  6. Acquisition of experience as an investor through membership to a collective with similar concerns.
  7. Help to break the barrier between the first transaction of a potential investor.
  8. Support, help, and access to the contact network of specialized professionals and the network for consultation.