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We are looking for viable industrial projects for investment
A viable project implies sustainability over time, that it has something to sell and people willing to buy it as well as being feasible, meaning that it is doable by a work team.

A project is investable in the eyes of a private investor if it is clearly
profitable from launch.

The Work Team is assessed on:

  1. The leadership abilities of the team leader.
  2. Having assimilated the values of effort and productive work.
  3. Having an experienced multidisciplinary team.
Therefore the type of project we are looking for must:
  1. Generate Value: This means there must be someone willing to pay for the product produced.
  2. Be scalable: be capable of making the benefits grow without reinvesting in the infrastructures at the same level as the increasing revenue.
  3. Not require the financing of working capital.
  4. Be a long-term project.
  5. Be an innovative and differentiating project.
  6. Be clear from the start that the money will return to the investor, be it by dividends, or principally, being a business sufficiently attractive to allow the sale of its stocks to the current members or to third parties.
We Offer

The preselection of investors suitable for the profile and characteristics of the project

Specific training workshops for entrepreneurs looking for funding

Contact with investors interested in the project

Consulting and Mentoring: allocation of tutors and mentors that will consult each project team on the best way to develop said project

The possibility of networking with the rest of the teams and projects and access to RI3’s mentors contact network

Consultation for the development of the executive summary and its presentation in front of private investors

Sourcing complementary funding for investors

We Ask

That the members of RI3 dedicate their best efforts to increasing the potential of the chosen projects and to help to attain the necessary funding that will allow their businesses to grow and achieve sustainability.

For this we require

  1. Exclusive dedication to the development of the project.
  2. Continual effort.
  3. Assistance at follow-up meetings and marketing sessions.
  4. Adherence to the individual milestones for each chosen project.

We help you to find the funding your project needs!

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